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Lead Nurturing

We have put together six leading E-Commerce ideas to boost sales to nurture your leads. It is to ensure that the representatives realize that you are listening to them, are mindful of their areas of discomfort, and have the best ideas. To drive your sales numbers, we hope you introduce these

Cart Abandonment

The first step is to establish hypotheses about why visitors abandon their carts. It can by looking at data from analytics and identifying drop-off points, performing user studies and surveys, or comparing your checkout flow to competing sites.

Resell The Products

You may tailor your marketing messages to better suit their shopping preferences by knowing your consumer conduct with the Leadbadge CRM. You can get to individuals with particular needs with some filtering, and targeting them is super-easy.

Rise Beyond The Competition

Experts expect that in the coming years, revenue will continue to increase for e-commerce business. The figure sounds exciting, as a business owner operating in this room. An industry with so much profit potential, however, attracts countless rivals.

What Are the Biggest Challenges Facing Today's

E-Commerce Business Owners?



Attracting Clients

With so many choices, online shoppers have changed their way of shopping online. Before someone else can, you have to be aware of how your clients act so you can get their attention.



Generate Traffic

Although online retailers spend a lot of cash to drive website traffic, a high rate of conversion is never a guarantee. Ecommerce businesses need to build a plan to help they find leads that are most likely to be converted.



Manage Data

Every customer who buys from your e-commerce company provides you with a lot of useful information. Companies who do not understand how to organize and exploit this knowledge are more likely to miss the chance to make endless repeat sales




Every E-commerce site relies on intelligent reporting to push popular products and understand the need of customers. Reporting is key to convert a Single purchase user to lifetime customer.

What OUR CRM Offer For Your E-Commerce Business

How Can Sales Automation

Help You Sell More


Less Time?

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment and Recapture

Using Leadbadge CRM can get full visibility on the dashboard and descriptions of the abandoned cart. To carry out successful remarketing strategies, you may send shopping reminders or send pre-set formatted emails.


Our CRM allows you to categorized leads based on the source so that you can classify those who are likely to buy through lead scoring from your online store.

Better Customer Support

Using Leadbadge CRM, all customer's details, including web pages, visited past orders ad shipping details- complaints, exchange requests, order issues, delivery issues or any other category. also, can be accessed by your sales staff. With immediate access to this information, your team can easily tackle any problem posed by the client.

Email Tracking and Leads Nurturing Automation

Our CRM enables you to create email templates, segment lists, and schedule campaigns. Track the outbound text, who opens it, who looks at the attachments, then nurtures the leads into drip sequences of automatic email marketing, and quickly filters and adds emails to Constant Touch. Run discount campaigns.

Contact Management

Manage all contacts from one place, get a clear overview, and build better relationships. Put customers a name, learn their trends, optimize service, add notes to each account, tag contacts in team assignments, and up the bar at your online store in customer service. It will let the customer support team track any complaints to streamline resolution with a customer. It will end to lose customers because of faulty orders, defective merchandise, inquiries, or returns.

Get Details Sales Reports and Forecasts

Spot issues before things go off-track. Gain instant visibility and insights you need to make informed decisions in real-time and complete with order timeline, delivery and return reports, seasonality, and more from across all your platforms. Using this report, can build better relationships and prepare strong marketing that resonates with your shoppers.

We're Here To Helping You To Boost Your Sales Rate By Up To 46%

Leadbadge is the first-ever all-in-one platform that will give you the tools, support, and resources you need to succeed with your e-commerce business. Automations do admin tasks for you. It will refine your winning strategy and set even bigger targets.

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I had a small issue with some stats, and as I needed them very urgently. Wrote a mail to support, and they were very fast. Thank you guys for your outstanding attitude, and help. I recommend Leadbadge to everybody. Worth the money.

Arpad Czimbalmos

Marketing Administrator

Leadbadge has played an important role in standardizing our program. We now have more than 9,000 sellers using our services. The functionalities we've added have evolved Leadbadge CRM beyond just lead and contact management to more of a complete operational platform.

Anand Goyal

Program Leader - Service Provider Network

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